Another dog owner surrenders pet to Humane Society

Similar to an experience with another Grand Island dog two weeks earlier, a dog owner surrendered his dog this week so that the Central Nebraska Humane Society can attempt to rehabilitate the animal.

JeffBahrThe dog owner, Derik Segura, was scheduled Friday to appeal an order that his dog, Shadow, be euthanized. But the Animal Advisory Board meeting scheduled for Friday never took place because Segura reached an agreement with city officials late Thursday afternoon.

Shadow was involved in a fight with another dog June 16. Animal control took the dog after that incident, which happened on West 17th Street, because Shadow was already on Grand Island’s dangerous dog list.

Earlier this week, the city offered Segura the opportunity to surrender the dog to allow the Humane Society to attempt to rehabilitate Shadow.

The offer was made based on the good behavior the dog has shown at the Humane Society, said Assistant City Attorney Stacy Nonhof.

“So we’re kind of giving Shadow another chance,” Nonhof said. But regardless of what happens, the dog will not be returned to Segura.

Segura said he reconsidered his decision late Thursday and called Friday morning, asking that another hearing be scheduled. But he was told that it was too late.

Shadow is a 4-year-old terrier and pit bull mix. “But she doesn’t look like a pit bull at all,” he said.

On June 16, Shadow was seen biting and shaking a Brussels griffon mix named Lucy. Segura said he and his relatives felt the incident was an accident that “just happened in a second.”

“We know she’s friendly and she’s not really aggressive,” he said of Shadow.

Segura and his family reconsidered their decision to surrender Shadow because they worry the animal won’t be adopted. People “aren’t really looking for mixed dogs that are a few years old,” he said.

So the dog might be put to sleep. If that’s the case, he said, they would like to “have the body, at least, so we could bury her,” said Segura, who owns one other dog.

Nonhof said there’s no guarantee that Shadow will be euthanized. She also said that even if the dog is adopted, it will remain on the dangerous dog list.

Another Animal Advisory Board meeting was canceled June 12 when Jason Kucera decided to surrender a black Labrador mix named Sammie.

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